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Golf lessons are available 7 days a week. Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced players are welcome!

Our experienced golf coaches offer private and group golf lessons for all golf standards, close to Melbourne City CBD.

Damian Hall

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Damian Hall is an experienced golf coach who has been running golf clinics and private golf lessons at Albert Park for over a decade.

Damian’s golf lessons helps a variety of golfers get the best out of their game. From golf lessons for beginners, right through to low handicap players, Damian uses the latest technology and golf lesson equipment to assist the development process. With computerised swing analysis and video access to your golf lesson, you will learn the right way, first time, and enjoy your golf for years to come.

Lewis Johnson

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Lewis is an experienced golf coach who was the Head Assistant Professional at Chester Golf Club in the UK before moving to Australia in 2016.

He completed his PGA degree at the University of Birmingham. Lewis is a strong communicator and delivers high quality coaching in all aspects of the game. His professionalism and passion for the game allows Lewis to enjoy creating an unforgettable coaching experience for any client..

Brent German

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Brent is a lifelong golf lover whose passion for the game is matched by his passion for coaching.

Brent’s philosophy is to give you the tools to relax and unwind both during lessons and on the golf course, which will make you learn and improve faster, and allow you to enjoy fantastic days on the golf course. Brent is passionate and driven to help you achieve your golf potential and he will ensure you understand what you need to do to improve and give you a tailored solution to elevate your game.

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